Go Girl Ep. 152: Is Love Really Blind?

Go Girl Ep. 152: Is Love Really Blind?

Hey, girls!

The phrase “love is blind” is a commonly used expression that suggests that when people are in love, they may overlook or be less critical of their partner’s flaws or imperfections. It implies that love can sometimes make individuals see the object of their affection in a more positive or idealized light, despite any shortcomings.

It’s important to strike a balance between seeing a partner’s positive qualities and acknowledging any issues that need to be addressed in a relationship. Realistic and open communication is key to maintaining a healthy, loving, and long-lasting relationship. So, while love can certainly make people more tolerant and understanding, it doesn’t necessarily make them blind to important aspects of a relationship.

In this week’s episode of the Go Girl podcast, I touch on the popular Netflix TV show, “Love Is Blind” while also spreading domestic violence awareness. It’s in those early moments of a relationship where love can be “blind” because you miss the red flags and end up in a situation you have to sometimes escape from!

Listen in as I share dating tips and ponder the question, is love really blind or is it that you don’t want to see what’s really in front of you?

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