Go Girl Ep. 147: Why I Think Ice Cream Dates Are the Best

Go Girl Ep. 147: Why I Think Ice Cream Dates Are the Best

Hey, girls!

So there’s a debate going around about how an ice cream or coffee date is the bare minimum. Girl, what?! I saw this post floating around the internet of a man texting a woman and asking her if she’d like to go out for ice cream since it’s so hot outside. He even offered to pick her up if she was comfortable with that which lets me know that he respects her boundaries.

Her response was direct, but rude. Ladies, there are plenty of ways to share your preferences. So I hopped on TikTok to ask, What’s wrong with an ice cream date?


Please stop making dating so hard. Let me know, are you cool with an ice cream/coffee meetup first? Why or why not? #datingadvice #relationshipcoach #datingtips

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A few people chimed in. Some agreed that an ice cream date is perfect while other’s said absolutely not! What do you think?

Listen in to this week’s episode below to hear what I have to say. And if you need coaching in these dating streets, I got you! I’m currently taking clients so book your free consultation today!

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