Go Girl Ep. 90: 5 Journals You Should Have

Hey, girls! I hope you’ve been having an amazing year so far. I must say, I’ve been keeping my word to myself. I bought a Gratitude journal for 2022 and I’ve been writing in it daily, which is huge. I usually write in it once a week, but I’m staying on track, girl! Journaling helpsContinue reading “Go Girl Ep. 90: 5 Journals You Should Have”

Go Girl Ep 52: Self-Love is Self-Acceptance

This episode of the Go Girl Podcast is dedicated to the ladies who are on their self-love journey. Love is acceptance. We want others to think the world of us, love us, and accept us, but do you accept yourself? Do you genuinely love every part of who you are? Or do you judge yourself andContinue reading “Go Girl Ep 52: Self-Love is Self-Acceptance”