Go Girl Ep. 146: What Would You Do? Part 1: How to Stop Ghosting While Dating

Go Girl Ep. 146: What Would You Do? Part 1: How to Stop Ghosting While Dating

Hey, girls!

I’m trying something new on the podcast. I often come across scenarios on social media and I always wonder, what would my girls do? Today’s topic centers around ghosting while dating!

Ghosting in dating refers to the act of suddenly and completely cutting off all communication with someone you have been dating or talking to, without any explanation or warning. It typically occurs in the early stages of a relationship, when two people are getting to know each other or have been on a few dates. Instead of expressing their lack of interest or desire to end the relationship, one person simply disappears and stops responding to messages or calls.

Ghosting can be emotionally hurtful and confusing for the person who is being ghosted, as they are left wondering what went wrong or why the other person suddenly lost interest. It can also leave them feeling rejected and with a sense of unanswered questions.

While ghosting has become more prevalent in the era of online dating and digital communication, it is not a healthy or mature way to end a relationship or connection. Open and honest communication is crucial in dating, and if you find yourself losing interest or wanting to end things with someone, it’s generally considered more respectful to have a direct conversation and express your feelings or intentions clearly.

I used to ghost often, but that was before I learned the importance of simply communicating. In the following example, this poster needed to set expectations, state their boundaries, and be honest…or else she will just ghost everyone.

What would you do? Leave your comments below!

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