Go Girl Ep. 137: How to Be Secure + The Red, Yellow, and Green Flags to Watch Out For ft. Dr. Morgan Anderson

Hey, girls!

We’re continuing our love series! First, have you downloaded the Go Girl miniGUIDE? The guide shares tips and tools to help you during your self-love journey! Get your copy today!

In today’s episode of the Go Girl Podcast we’re discussing how to show up as a secure woman in your relationships and the red, yellow, and green flags to watch out for while dating.

How do you show up in love? Do you know your attachment style??? Listen in as I have girl talk with Dr. Morgan Anderson, Clinical Psychologist, Attachment Theory Expert, Author and host of the top rated podcast: Let’s Get Vulnerable. We dive into her book, Love Magnet – Get Off the Dating Rollercoaster and Attract the Love You Deserve. Dr. Morgan is a powerful voice for women’s healing and a thought leader in the relationship space!

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