Go Girl Ep. 127: 4 Things To Say No To + Different Ways to Say No

Hey, girls!

We’re about to wrap up November and there are a few silly things people say during this time such as “No-shave November” and a new one this year is, “No Nut November.” What!

Anyway, that’s crazy. But I thought about it. There are definitely some things we should say NO to this November and beyond.

Let me be honest, No is a word that I’m still getting used to and I’m enjoying its benefits. I’m preserving my energy, my time, and my mind. I’ve learned to say No in multiple ways that has worked for me. So I want to share some of the phrases with you.

It’s the holiday season, we’ll be around family and friends, so now is the time to say No to anything that might make you feel uncomfortable.

It’s okay to say no. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Listen in to the 4 things you should definitely say no to and how to say it. You got this.

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