Go Girl Ep. 113: 20 Healthy Ways to Submit in a Relationship

Hey, girls!

Seems like no one likes the word “submit,” these days! Ha! Actress and Comedian, Watch Jazzy, was on a recent episode of the Lovers & Friends podcast where she discussed her definition of submission and the internet went wild! She was asked, “What does a submissive woman do for her man?” And her response was, “Everything.” She went on to say she packs her partner’s clothes, cooks, cleans, scratches his back until he falls asleep and more. Some people agreed with her stance and others say she’s doing too much, especially since she says it’s draining and she put her partner’s needs before her own.

Honestly, she described what sounds like a very codependent relationship. Luckily, we’re going to have a therapist discuss codependency in an upcoming episode but for now, I’ll share some controversial statements from the interview, a few ways my partner and I submit to each other, and I’ll share 20 ways to submit in a relationship.

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