Go Girl Ep 97: The Tinder Swindler + Signs of Love Bombing While Dating

Go Girl Ep 97: The Tinder Swindler + Signs of Love Bombing While Dating

Hey, girls!

So last week we talked about “breadcrumbing” while dating which is where someone feeds you just enough to keep you around. But what about the opposite extreme? What if someone is showing TOO much attention TOO soon? Too many gifts, too many compliments, too many fancy dates and you barely know them? That’s called love-bombing.

Now that might not sound all bad, but this could be an early sign of abuse. It’s emotional manipulation and the love bomber is trying to gain control through grand gestures. Someone could do all of these things to hook you, and then they’ll reveal their true colors down the line. This is what happened in the hit Netflix show, The Tinder Swindler.

Listen in as I break the film down and share more signs of love-bombing when dating. If someone is moving too fast, you have every right to slow them down. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable with their elaborate displays of affection, then it’s okay to not accept. I’ll even share the early stages of the emotionally abusive relationship I was in, and how I was love-bombed in the beginning and throughout the relationship.

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