Go Girl Ep. 73:Your Healing Helps Others Heal (Minisode)

Go Girl Ep. 73:Your Healing Helps Others Heal (Minisode)

Hey girls!

Last week I had affirmation musician, Toni Jones on the Go Girl Podcast and we talked about our healing journey, self-love, positive self-talk and much more. Her music is dope and one song in particular, “Healing in My Heels” inspired today’s episode.

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When people notice you glowing from the inside out, especially after you’ve been through some traumatic situations, they want to know your secret sauce. Well it’s not a secret, it’s work.

Listen in to today’s episode for an affirmation and girl talk about why it’s important for you to heal. It’s just me, myself, and I so enjoy! Be sure to comment and let me know what part resonates with you! Go Girl!

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Listen to Healing in My Heels below:

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