Go Girl Ep. 71: How To Stop Self Sabotaging And Become a Badass Boss Wife

Have you ever thought someone was too good to be true? Was someone too nice? Checked off all of your boxes? Were you scared because it was too real? Girl, you deserve good, healthy love! Of course check in with your gut first and make sure someone isn’t just impressing you to hook you!

That’s another story.

But plenty of us can fall into the category of sabotaging something good because we’re used to toxicity, dysfunction or chaos. It’s time to choose peace, sis!

I’m exited to have girl talk with Kacie Thompson! She is a badass boss wife, mom of two, and is passionate about helping others successfully manage change both personally and professionally. She is the author of The Hitched Bitch’s Guide: To Going From Fiancée to Badass Boss Wife – after getting engaged to the man of her dreams and struggling herself during the transition from single to married. She conducted 7 years of research, interviewed experts in the field of marriage and family, and developed a 5-step Personal Transformation Management (PTM) process, to provide women with an approach to managing and understanding their emotions on this journey towards marriage. Kacie wants her readers to take a different approach to marriage by encouraging women to tap their “inner bitch”, all while embracing their emotions to become their best selves and happy, healthy wives.

Listen in as we have girl talk about the conversations you should have before marriage, red flags, and self-sabotaging behaviors. Be sure to stay connected: @GoGirlMovement @iAmAshleyCaprice

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