Mind Sex

Mind Sex

“Making love is just as much mental, I like to know what I’m getting into. See we could have mind sex…Before we make love, let’s have a good conversation…”

This a line from the song, “Mind Sex” by Dead Prez.  And I. Love. It. Most people need to listen to this track and realize that intelligence is SEXY! Stimulate someone’s mind before you try to stimulate his/her body! So many people are quick to find out the basic facts about someone (where they work, live, likes/dislikes) but rarely have a deep conversation before getting physical.

Have you ever heard someone talk about politics, religion or social issues…Or say something thought-provoking about ANY subject and think to yourself, “well DAMN!…that was sexy as hell!” …No? Too bad for you, lol. You’re missing OUT! Seriously though. There’s something about someone who has sexy thoughts and opinions on subjects that really matter! Someone of substance has something to talk about beyond the surface level.

Would you want to get physical with someone who doesn’t even know what’s going on in the world? Would you want to get physical with someone who can’t hold an intellectual conversation? Nah. I understand to some people sex is just sex…but making love can be better if you’re mentally connected as well. I’m just sayin.

~Ashley Caprice

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