Let It Go! Easy To Say, Hard To Do!

Let It Go! Easy To Say, Hard To Do!

People get in relationships, fall in love, fall out of love, but stay in the relationship. I’ve noticed that some people tend to stay in relationships far longer than they should. Someone could continuously get mistreated, but for some reason…you can’t let go.

It’s okay.

It’s normal to hold on to a relationship a little longer than you should. There’s something called feelings…love…attachment…and of course the “one day things will get better” mentality. I get it. But when you invest more time into the wrong relationship, you waste valuable time that could have gone into the right partnership.

A friend recently vented to me about her relationship and I told her, “You deserve better, and you should let him go…but only when you want to let him go.” She appreciated my advice and said I was the first friend to tell her that. Most people just told her to leave him. I agree with them, but from experience, I realized that letting go is easier when you are genuinely ready to move on. I know I’ve been in some “let it go” situations with a couple guys,  but I only found it easier to “let go” when it happened on my own terms, not when someone suggested I do so…Because I would find myself back in the same situation with the same guy.

We all have a breaking point, so you’ll know when you’re fed up. So let go…when you want to. But remember, you can’t get that time back.

~Ashley Caprice

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