So I posed a question on my facebook:

“Do guys REALLY expect a woman to “freeze”? Expect a woman to wait on him until he’s ready to settle down? He goes out, does his own thing, see if there’s something better, realize that there’s nothing better out there…and he tries to go back to the woman?”

One of the replies… “Yes, we do.”

Lol, wow!

I asked this question because I heard LL Cool J’s song “Freeze” come on. Here are some of the lyrics: “Don’t change…don’t go…don’t leave…just freeze. I know it’s a lot to ask…I hope you understand, promise I’ll be back for you, when I become a better man”…I read some of the comments under the YouTube video. One person said she wish men would just COMMUNICATE their feelings instead of stringing women along while another woman claimed she’s a ride or die chick and would be willing to wait for her man. I guess it depends on the woman.

As for me, puh-lease! It is “…a lot to ask.” It’s actually kind of selfish. I asked a gentleman on my status if it’s cool for a woman to get everything out of her system and make a man wait? He said nope, it’s just a “double standard.” Sigh. Of course.

This scenario is giving a guy a chance to leave his relationship and hope the woman will still be around when he’s finished “playing the field.” He’s going to go off and have fun but expect the original woman to stay and wait for him.

Donell Jones song, “Where I Wanna Be” had the same type of situation. So I guess it’s a guy thing?? This is what I have to say to the fellas…Y’all are straight trippin! Lol. You let a good woman go because you want to have a little more “fun” before you commit? But I guess I understand. You’d rather have your fun OUT of the relationship and not when you’re involved…I get it. Just don’t expect  us to wait around until you get your act right.

The women on my status have all been through this…including myself. The guy always comes back expecting another chance. And we ultimately have the choice to allow him back in or tell him to step.

By the end of the convo most of us agreed that a woman should know her worth. Do not allow a man to string you along. “A man will only treat you the way you allow him to treat you.” Do not just wait on a man…go have your fun, too! And if he’s lucky and you’re still available and WANT to give him another chance at a later time then go for it. Just don’t FREEZE…DO YOU BOO!

~Ashley Caprice

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