Let A Man Be A Man

Let A Man Be A Man

I was walking towards my work building the other day and there was enough time for me to open the door to the lobby area, but I saw a gentleman who looked like he was taking brisk steps so he could open the door for me. I reached for the handle, but then I looked at him, put my hand down and stepped to the side (yes, I sure did, lol). He smiled and opened the door and said “Thank You” in which I replied, “No, Thank you!”

He told me that a lot of women in Los Angeles usually don’t step aside and let him be a man. Instead, they open their own doors. He said “I’m from the East Coast and chivalry is not dead.” Ah Hah! I should have known he was a guy from another planet, I mean from the East. *Major side-eye to some of these West Coast guys*

I’ve seen guys walk through doors without saying thank you, guys who open doors for their self without holding it open for women, and guys who let women open doors for them (you do remember a pregnant Kim holding the door open for her and Kanye, right? ha!) Tsk tsk,

Ladies, please let a man be a man. Step to the side and let him open the door for you. Some men really want to be a man and are a little offended when we try to do everything for ourself. This reminds me of one of my posts, Traditional Girl in a Modern Day World. Some of you modern day ladies want to do it all. Just chill out sometimes and uphold some of the traditions of a man being a man.

~Ashley Caprice

What are your thoughts? Fellas, do you still open doors for women? Women, do you step aside and let a man open the door for you?

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