What’s Wrong With You?!

What’s Wrong With You?!

So I met this guy a few years ago… he was 30-years-old, has his own business, own car, own place, no kids, Masters Degree, fit, nice guy, single and never been married. Sounds like he was all that and a bag of chips right? Well I told my friend about him and she jokingly asked, “What’s wrong with him? Is he a serial killer or something?!”  Everything was great on the outside, BUT he couldn’t make me laugh…So we didn’t keep in touch.

My friend’s reaction was funny at the time but now it has me thinking…when someone has their ish together AND they’re single we immediately think something is WRONG. When in reality, everything appears to be RIGHT. Some women always complain about not finding a “good man” but wouldn’t know what to do when a good man is right in thier face.

Another situation involved a guy who said he was 22-years-old, went out with a woman who was in her 30s and single with no children. They had a great time, but he thought she was crazy for still being single at her age. Fast forward, the same guy is now in his late 30s, single, no kids, never been married. I bet he doesn’t think he’s crazy though…funny how you can be in the same situation that you once talked negatively about.

In all, I blame society. If someone is 30+, have no kids, single, etc., people think something is wrong with them. Some women live  a fairy tale life and think their prince charming will swoop them off their feet, have a house with a white picket fence, married with children and live happily ever after. It doesn’t always happen like that, though. There is pressure particularly on women to get married and have children before they reach 30…otherwise,  guys would look at them like “what’s wrong with you?” On the other hand, men stay single longer than women because there is little to no pressure for them to have children.

I’ve heard of situations where people would mess up what they have because they have the “it’s too good to be true” mentality. There are plenty of good men and women in the world. But don’t mess up something RIGHT because you’re looking for what’s WRONG.

~Ashley Caprice

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