Go Girl Ep 27: How To Heal After Trauma Ft. Dr. Denyse Ray

Go Girl Ep 27: How To Heal After Trauma Ft. Dr. Denyse Ray

We will all experience some type of trauma in our lifetime, but it should not define who we are.

You can overcome. You WILL overcome.

There’s so much happening in the world right now so I brought in trauma expert, Dr. Denyse Ray. For over 25 years, Dr. Ray has been dedicated to improving the mental health of athletes, entertainers, high job stress individuals, and their families. She is a retired first responder, who has assisted with the healing of this nation’s most traumatized citizens on the front lines of some of our worst national disasters (Columbine, Katrina, 911, Oklahoma City and others).

In this episode, we have girl talk about how to heal after trauma, how to help someone considering suicide, and how to overcome emotional pain.

Plus I’ll give this week’s affirmation, celebration and  music motivation.

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